How it works

What we provide

Warburg Vending provides end to end vending services

  • Suitable machines based on your needs
  • Wide product categories and brands
  • Regular machine servicing and stock replenishment schedule
  • Logistical and maintenance support
  • Quick customer support response
  • Transparency of sales transactions to our customers
  • Assurance with insurance covered machines

These services are to cater for a hassle-free situation for our customers’ need for refreshment, ranging from cold/hot beverages to snack/meals and ice cream. At any time of the day, these refreshments are conveniently available.

What we will need

A high traffic or convenient location which is sheltered with an electrical point. If there is no electrical point, we will work with our electrician to explore options. A water point is required for hot cup beverages/coffee.

How you benefit

We bring the products to your location. No need to travel to the nearest retail shop just to buy refreshments. Save time with a more productive workforce. Tenants, occupants and customers/guests will also enjoy the convenience of the wide range of products on offer. most importantly, we provide the option to monetise these locations with negotiable commissions from vending machine cash collection and utility subsidies.