Multi-format Lockers

Technical specifications

Machine dimensions (mm)

1940H x 468D x 1119W

Number of products


Power supply

230V 50Hz

Power input


Multi-format Lockers

Can Drinks

Bottle Drinks

Fresh &
Soy Milk

Fruit Juice

Read To Eat

Non food

Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions (mm)

1830H x 850D x 1260W

Number of Products


Power Supply

230V 50Hz

Power Input


One-stop vending solutions

Over here at Warburg Vending, we can do everything for you we just need covered space with electricity from you.
  • End to end vending services

  • Customer support, machine maintenance, product replenishment

  • Quick customer support response

  • Vending machines based on your needs

  • Market leading brand offerings in various product categories

  • Audited sales report based on meter reading

  • Insurance for covered machines

  • Hassle-free convenience for you

  • A more productive workforce (no more breaks far from your premises)

  • Highly satisfied tenants/occupants, customers and guests

  • Negotiable commission based on cash collected/utility subsidies

Customisation is applicable for this machine. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more details.
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Brands we offer

And we offer many other market leading brands from various product categories