One-stop vending solutions

Over here at Warburg Vending, we can do everything for you we just need covered space with electricity from you.
  • End to End Vending Services

  • Customer Support, Machine Maintenance, Product Replenishment

  • Quick Customer Support Response

  • Vending Machines Based On Your Needs

  • Market Leading Brand Offerings In Various Product Categories

  • Audited Sales Report Based On Meter Reading

  • Insurance For Covered Machines

  • Hassle-Free Convenience For You

  • A More Productive Workforce (No More Breaks Far From Your Premises)

  • Highly Satisfied Tenants/Occupants, Customers and Guests

  • Negotiable Commission Based On Cash Collected/Utility Subsidies

Customised vending solutions

At Warburg Vending, we provide innovative and customized vending solutions with variety and flexibility. Warburg has the expertise to configure machines with smart vending capabilities to dispense any product, from F&B to household products to knick-knacks.

Our machines can be configured for redemption, prize giveaways, dispensing of equipment and payments can be done via QR payment, promo code entry, RFID card, mobile payment.

Machine sale/rental offerings

  • Fully customisable vending machine

  • Configuration (redemption or payment)

  • Smart vending solution including real time data

  • Machine and product

  • Technical support

  • Setup and replenishment of product

  • Logistics

Sale of machines

We have a variety of vending machines in different shapes and sizes with temperature controls for you to choose from. We also provide services that include technical support as well as refurbishing or restoring your machines. Also, we do provide maintenance and refill services whether is it full or partial service you are considering.

Rental of machines

Renting of machines are also available at Warburg. You can select the type of machine that best suit your product, placed it at a strategic location and you are good to go.